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Our outsourcing services are designed to help you to minimise business risks, improve business performance and to reduce costs across all areas of governance, risk and compliance.  They are designed to provide measurable business benefits.

Outsourcing of management services


· privately owned efficient company carrying small overhead enabling low operating cost

· balanced set of skill set and several years of on hand experience

· all activities based on measured output

Supply chain and inventory optimization

Supply chain re-design

Sales and Operation planning

Continuous improvement

Organizational change

Supply chain cost has got significant impact on the overall profitability of the company. In case you want to leverage your supply chain we offer several years of experience in this field.

At any point of time you need to understand where your business is going to be in mid or long term. This knowledge will enable you to make qualified decisions impacting your ability to grow.

It does not matter how good you are now, but how good you are in improving your business. Our consultants are using standardized tools to drive continuous improvement in the organization.

Efficient organization structure with clear KPIs and clear communication rules is the most important enabler to drive a company's performance and secure future competitive advantage.

Inventory is an evil, which is consuming cash, preventing you to invest into the growth of the company. TESCA partners developed a set of tools which are proven to reduce inventory significantly whilst increasing customer satisfaction.

Program management


Change management

ERP implementation

To design tax efficient Supply Chain usually means multi-area projects running in parallel.  This represents a risk which needs to be mitigated.  We offer a team of the experienced program managers who have demonstrated in past the capability to deliver very complex programs.

Are you planning to buy new company to support your growth and strengthen your market position? Is this new activity for you or you foresee this activity being complex? TESCA can help you to go through this activity successfully.

Whatever you do, world is never going to be the same as before. We will help you to go through the change and ensure sustainability.

Has your business complexity exceeded capability of your current ERP? Have you decided  to implement new ERP and missing resources or experience to implement or drive the change?

Because every company is different and have different goals, TESCA offers scalable and flexible solutions that are competitively priced across a range of business advisory services.

Following services are available in any combination - from individual service element to combined package:

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